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You have heard of Dolby Sound.

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Have you heard of Dolby Vision? This is another common HDR10 format available in the market. Some select premiere brands such as Vizio, Philips, and LG offer this format. The Dolby Vision can support up to 10, nits of peak brightness as compared to the nits available in HDR The Dolby Vision can support up to bit colour depth. In comparison the HDR10 supports bit colour depth. Europe is the only continent that uses Technicolour HDR. This is a competitive market out there.

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No TV manufacturing company can afford to drop its guard even for a second. It does not take long for the others to leapfrog over the competition. You have the latest TV Viewing technologies available. However, the quest for excellence is a never ending one. This brings us to the concept of the picture engines. This Sony product is capable of intelligently scaling up each pixel, thereby ensuring unmatched clarity.

In order to achieve this objective, it adds important details to the picture like missing colours, vibrancy, lustre, and texture. In order to enhance picture quality, it increases the brightness, black levels and alters the colour tones. At the same time it provides analogue and MPEG noise reduction algorithms. Samsung has come up with its own version of a picture engine in 3D Hyper Real Engine.

This Company is committed to providing high quality picture with amazing depths and enthralling colours. This picture engine governs the colour, contrast, and motion to the highest levels of their efficiency.

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Hence, you need to upscale them every time. This can result in grainy output and look blurred. In order to overcome this problem, Panasonic has come up with the 4K fine Remaster Engine. The Internet Enabled TVs or the smart idiot boxes If you can access the internet through a mobile phone, it acquires the name of a smart phone. Similarly, the TV should have the right to be called smart as well. One must say that there are many brands of smart TVs available in the market.

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You have four different operating systems available in smart TVs today. This is one of the best OS available in India today. However, you get this facility in the televisions having a screen size of 55 inches and above. You can see the OS running on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. This user friendly and stable OS was first available in The UI has not changed a lot but there have been regular tweaks to cater to the advancements in technology over the years.

Practically, every person in India knows how to use Android OS as they use them every day on their phones. This software is not yet fully developed with Google working hard to come up with enhancements and updates in the future. Samsung is the real competitor to LG. They call it the SmartHub.

You can see big and colourful icons in its menu. You have the One Remote facility that has revolutionized user control by allowing an easy synchronization with every other device that you connect to your smart TV such as smartphones, tablets, etc. This enables to watch the same movies on the big screen with a higher degree of clarity. One of the best and cleanest OS in its prime, Firefox does not have the support of Mozilla today. This makes it a dicey choice. Motion Rate Concept Whenever you talk of TV specifications, picture, sound, colour, and many other aspects come into the discussion.

However, motion rate, one of the most important aspects, takes a back seat. This reluctance on the people to discuss and be aware of the concept has allowed TV manufacturers to fudge their figures. They use their individual interpretation to influence unsuspecting buyers. In very simple terms the refresh rate is the number of frames that a television can display per second.

The unit of measurement is Hertz. Hence, if we say that the refresh rate of a TV is 50 Hz, it entails that the TV can display 50 images in one second. In India, the AC current runs at 60 Hz. Hence, this is the maximum rate of the source that the TV can run. This concept is there since the days of the CRT televisions. There has been no change in this frequency and therefore the present day smart TVs run at a maximum rate of 60 Hz. However, you do find some manufacturers marketing their TVs stating that their refreshing rate is say Hz or even Hz.

This is not the case in actuality. The TV manufacturers use different terminologies to highlight this fact.

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Let us look at some of them in brief. Specially coined by Samsung, CMR comprises of three main factors, panel refresh rate, image processor speed, and backlight technology. TruMotion LG has come up with this term stating that it reduces the blurs enabling you to view sporting events in a clearer and crisper manner. Image Motion Rate Panasonic is the manufacturer using this concept to report higher refresh rate figures.

MotionFlow XR Sony leads the pack in this world of exaggeration by stating that this rate is 4 times the actual refresh rate. Inference : One should not underestimate the idiot box anymore. It can prove you wrong quite easily just as it does so while advertising the refresh rate concept.

However, you cannot do much about this gray area. You can at best term them as sales gimmicks. However, that does not mean that the TVs they offer are not of the highest quality. If you have any queries regarding the best led tv selection, feel free to put in your question in the comments section and we will try to answer them. E-mail is already registered on the site.

Please use the Login form or enter another. You entered an incorrect username or password. Hi, I want to buy inch tv for my house. Now I am confused about which one to buy among these. A TV with a high native contrast ratio can display dark blacks and bright whites at the same time. KDLWA got display issue. Could you please suggest which TV will provide better quality and durabilty for long period.


Please advise. My 4 years child use to watch tv from a short distance. VU is aso a popular brand. You can have a look at the below models. I believe that you have to add one more tv to your list. I have recently bought a 55 inch Ridaex TV. This is once of the best tv i have every used.

The delivery was exactly on the final date which i was provided with, Immediate installation was done. You can google search for the reviews on google and everybody are talking about it. Very nice and most helpful article. Its working well Within a year panel problem came so panel changed. It has 1 yr warranty. Panel changed within warranty with free of cost. But after a year again panel problem came. Now only panel cost Rs.