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What about your kids? Nearly every major Netflix or Amazon original series features an abundance of product placements and brand integrations. This is a win for brands that get to connect with non-traditional audiences. But by and large, the advertising industry continues to ignore this reality. OTT advertising requires an entirely new ad approach.

Advertise on TV – The complete guide

Here are five ways that revolution can play out. There is an intuition in entertainment that listening to the consumer is the winning business model.

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Many companies speculate that fewer, better ads that put the consumer first lead to more completed streams, higher pricing and greater revenues. Some have proven it. The best manifestation of this is finding an optimal mix of ads, which may differ by viewer, content and ad experience, taking into account the lifetime value of a viewer over months or years to refine what that optimal mix should be.

Placement deals are gaining momentum as more consumers cut the cord. Expect more experimentation like this. The industry has been talking about this prospect for decades, but neither technology nor consumers were ready for that.

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The current generation of viewers, however, expects their content to be active and participatory, and they have the payment mechanisms built into their phones and TVs to facilitate quick purchases. Here are some common examples:. Here are some examples:.

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