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Jackie Johnson is back so we're making her answer our questions since she's a renowned beauty expert.

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Daniel was forced to talk man at a furniture store recently. And Tony made a joke that I'm still laughing about days later! Jonah Ray Gets Personal. Jonah Ray returns to the show to talk about the weird transition period he finds himself in, losing his father three weeks after he returned from touring with Mystery Science Theater , seeing his dad in his final moments, getting Lasik and a vasectomy in the same year, "the artistic lifestyle," music, the album of punk Weird Al covers he's released called You Can't Call Me Al, Jonah Raydio, The Meltdown and so much more.

Start listening with a day Audible trial. Choose one audiobook and two Audible Originals absolutely free. Also FIGS! Joining us for this episode was a gigantic crane fly. New guest Dan Telfer referred to it as a May fly which may be a regional thing but regardless, the fly didn't say much but its presence was felt. Despite the intrusion we discussed Dan's balls he has one and kidneys also one , his two-time battle with testicular cancer, David's upcoming trip to Romania and the reason for going, VSCO girls, a toilet seat cover update which just may teach you something, Daniel's harsh repudiation of my entire essence and so much more including a round of HGFY with a twist!

Jimmy Pardo Makes Good on a Bet. We also took your questions and did a quiz! Plus "How Dare You? Kevin T. Porter is back and he's teaching us Christianese. It's very intentional and our corporate enjoyed it? I think I did that wrong. Also there's an update on my pastor-neighbors and I think this show is slowly or maybe quickly killing Daniel's soul. Plus Renee knew she should decline a marriage offer but went through with it anyway. Listen to hear how that turned out. And so much more including my review of Ad Astra and reclining seats.

Theresa Thorn One Bad Mother, Maximum Fun stops by the show to talk about It Feels Good to Be Yourself: A Book About Gender Identity, the beautifully illustrated children's book she authored, which she says is for everyone and which was inspired by her own transgender daughter's journey and the desire for a book which could provide people with the language to discuss gender. We also talk about her involvement with the podcast network Maximum Fun which she runs with her husband Jesse Thorn, law school, meeting Jesse in high school, motherhood, being the "manager" of the house, the experience of having three kids and so much more.

Plus we answer your questions. Greg Heller has returned to regale us with a fish quiz and let me know my dramatic story of a very small stakes car accident over the weekend is Also we learn about the ten minute rule, revisit extroversion versus introversion, hear about Tony's recent tour, do a round of Just Me Or Everyone and so much more.

Stephanie Wittels Wachs Is a Doer. Stephanie Wittels Wachs returns to the show to talk about Lemonada Media, the new podcast network she's launching with Jessica Kordova Kramer and how the two connected and bonded over having both lost brothers to the opioid epidemic. We chat about the drive to turn tragedy into something beautiful, humanizing the crisis, medically assisted treatment, Lemonada's upcoming shows, where she is in the grief process, not passing your shit on to your kid, getting pregnant after loss, activism, the word "addict" falling out of favor, parenthood and so much more.

If you can't make it to someone's event should you let them know beforehand or is it better to just explain after the fact? The table is divided! And more!

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Erin Gibson Throwing Shade, Feminasty, Groceries, History: The Shequel stops by the show to talk about buying a multi-unit property in Santa Fe for her sick father, mother-in-law and husband's brother to live in and turning the other units into chic rentals. She shares about the process of advocating medically for her father, watching him nearly die in front of her, relocating him, learning how to effectively take care of him and the effect the experience has had on her. Turns out Santa Fe suits her in such an overpowering way that in the course of writing this summary I've sold my home and now I live in Santa Fe.

Also she took advice from a witch. We also chat about her feelings about the industry, family members' reactions to Feminasty, astrology, coincidences, her many podcasts and more. Daniel has very strong opinions about whether a "brookie" is a thing. Alison experienced some Skype difficulties when trying to guest on Shmanners.

Plus we took some of your questions and more. Erin Foley stops by to talk about her hilarious new album Deep Dive, her podcast Sports Without Balls, being a twin, coming out, not realizing she was gay when she "couldn't have been more gay," finding comedy, crystals, Los Angeles, reality TV, improv, basketball, sports heroes and so much more. Kevin Porter joins us to talk about what might be the best show on TV right now no spoilers and explore Renee's new graphic t-shirt based identity. We also learn about "exvangelism," horny summer , rompers, musical theater, word mispronunciations, camping, Tony's voting and so much more.

Plus a round of iTunes Comments of the Week and there's a song we should have played but we didn't and it was kind of egregious on our part and I even gave it to Tony ahead of time and then just completely forgot. Laura London Is Giving it a Year.

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Dog trainer Laura London returns to the show to talk about the not-always-rosy real experience of shooting Animal Planet's Rescue Dog to Super Dog, her decision to move to Northern California, the challenges of picking up and moving, the differences in dog owner culture in different locations, her beef with shock collars, some sad truths about shelters and how broken the system is, saving dogs, having the courage to make hard decisions with an aggressive dog, divorce, relationships, live music and so much more. We also answered your dog questions. John Henson joins us and we take a fun quiz to see who knows him best.

Also, Daniel heard a loud noise in the middle of the night and came face to face with a suicidal rat. Plus an update on our neighbors, puppies, car sickness and parenting! And more. Who knows Tony Thaxton best? With special improvized-on-the-spot music by a very pregnant Wendy who has since had her baby! Plus the return of Snack Chat, David's podcast script and more.

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A hearty congratulations to Wendy and her family! We also answered your questions.

I swear I was not intending to roast Tony more than once although that's kind of what I did. Wendy is here and she has a new cleansing routine which we almost talk about repeatedly. David has returned from his South Dakota sojourn. Alison is having a social and professional conundrum. Plus Save the Bell, dealing with hecklers, who merits their own wikipedia page and more. Arden Myrin Is Vivacious and Grieving.

Arden Myrin Insatiable, Shameless, MadTV stops by the show to catch us up on filming Insatiable in Georgia, trying EMDR, grief and trauma, a discussion of malls, losing both of her parents within the last two years, selling a book, writing the book, a fateful twerking class, facing her greatest fear, her podcast Will You Accept This Rose? Jordan Morris doesn't frost his tips but you'd certainly be forgiven for thinking so. You might not be forgiven for asking him though, which starts a conversation about men and shame around primping.

Daniel discusses his desire, at one point, to get more tattoos, and Tony is angry at other people who have beards. I was here too but I forget what I said. Probably something funny, relevant and important.

Lemme check the notes. Oh yes!

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We also talked about religion, the pressure to be religious in our hometowns with the exception of Daniel, and Daniel and my new neighbors who are very intriguing. We also did a round of Just Me Or Everyone and had some hot 'sups. Erica Rhodes Regrets Those Pants. Erica Rhodes stops by to talk about her unconventional upbringing, her therapist's confrontational approach, a weird babysitter's parakeet attack, performing and writing on Prairie Home Companion, getting into standup, her new album Sad Lemon, Bring the Funny, high waisted pants, ballet, eating disorders, her father's MS, dysfunctional relationships and so much more including your questions.

Have we landed on a nickname? Also Daniel's doodling leads to a conversation about his alter ego and his secret work life which leads back to nicknames. Ray Oldhafer calls us during the show and we answer on air and I still feel unsettled but I'm not sure why. Plus a story about a chicken nugget and a round of Just Me Or Everyone and more. Paul Rust Love on Netflix, Don't Stop or We'll Die, Comedy Bang Bang stops by to talk about first impressions, getting kicked out of a party, anti-comedy, meeting Scott Aukerman, creating a show with his now wife, relationships in general, cutting his pinkies, his childhood in Iowa, video rentals, marriage, sincerity and authenticity in life and music and so much more.

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Wendy Molyneux has returned and she's had it up to here with David's insistence his grandmother wore an item of clothing called "capri shorts. Plus the family of raccoons under our house, the baby possum living among Ray's tools, Wendy's remaining weeks of pregnancy, David's sleeping arrangements, flash mobs, Tony's nickname, Just Me Or Everyone and so much more. Caissie St. Onge Loves a Power Move. The nicest show runner, comedy writer and TV exec in the world Caissie St.

Earthquakes, Reality Shows, Wedding Hashtags. Did you know Daniel took a class in college about earthquakes? He did and despite my wanting to roll my eyes at Johnny Earthquakes, he has pretty good info to share. We also discuss reality shows, the way The Hills: New Beginnings is scrambling my brain even though I love it, Rachael's experience at Jax and Britney's Kentucky wedding, how "real" the shows really are, pancake bread, Just Me Or Everyone, gal chat and so much more.