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That frees up money in my weekly shopping budget for higher-quality fresh items.

Hence, for me, getting boxed broth for practically nothing was fantastic. I blog at www. These are an essential for hard-core couponers at chain drugstores. Often you can get products like shampoo, toothpaste, razors, paper goods, etc. Even if you don't eat any processed food, I would bet you wash your hair with a commercial product. I generally think about this every time I go to the store. But like some others have mentioned, I don't eat very much processed food. Of the list of 20 things that you can buy to get the deal, I maybe only eat two.

And I don't feel like buying 20 of them. For example, in your picture, I saw gogurt. Now, I bought this recently put in the freezer and my son gets "ice cream". Of course, sometimes I do the math, and find that even with the sale, cash back, and coupons, it's still more expensive than Costco.

What are Catalinas and How They Can Save You a Ton - Beginners Guide to Coupons Ep 6

I do make myself sit down every couple of weeks and recalculate. I did this a few years ago with my husband and sister after a friend tipped us off. We went to a few different stores, "bought" tons of food--lots of soup that we donated--and had a blast. IME, though, in one store the employees were downright hostile. We each had a cart and they asked us not to return, which didn't matter since it was not a store any of us normally shopped at. At others, it was easy--self-checkouts again, store above forbid us once they saw what were doing and made an employee ring us in , and FTMP employees who thought it was awesome.

I'm sure a few at least, did it themselves later with smaller amounts. The food wasn't really stuff we ate, but the people we shared it with were extremely appreciative, and considering how much grocery shopping normally costs, it was inexpensive entertainment. I am all about saving some cash in the stores. I always go to the place that uses double coupons when they are running the buy one get one free deals. You can also go to the makers website and get coupons.

Oregon Safeway Ad With Coupon Matchups

Just wanna let ppl know why store employees get mad lol I'm an employee at jewel osco and we don't get mad if u do many orders at a time awith cats Not at all! You are not robbing the store of anything since they get the value of all coupons including Catalinas back from the issuing manufacturer!

Never feel bad for using coupons to get a good deal. When I told her most of them were printed from the internet, she told me she was "gonna have to buy a priner". That put a smile on my face! It's funny that you could even consider for a second that you were being unethical by using the coupons to "make money. You have to remember, they know what they are doing, they spend tons of money to research customer behavior and we help them by using our loyalty cards to tell them exactly what we buy and when and to market to us.

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Department Stores. Office Supplies. Sporting Goods. Total Offers 3 Sales 3. Subscribe Get Deals in Your Inbox. Welcome to Southern Savers, where finding deals and steals is simple and rewarding! Catalina Deals. This is a running list of national Catalina deals spotted in stores across the country. Generally these promotions run at all stores that have Catalina Machines, however sometimes they are region and store specific. You can call Coupon if you have problems or questions about a deal in your area or submit a ticket online if you feel like you should have gotten one to print and it didn't.

Catalina Deals - I Heart Kroger

What is a Catalina? These are the coupons that print next to your receipt in many stores. They usually require a total purchase amount or quantity to print. For example buy 3 of the same item and get the Catalina coupon back. They are good on your next purchase, and most are good off your total purchase.