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Well, not entirely for nothing — it comes with a catch. In the self-referential bubble of the music business, much has been made of the fact that, because it is free to consumers, those 1m "sales" will not count towards the charts in the US, the UK and elsewhere because of chart rules. The album is already a banker in an age when there are, in sales terms, few superstar certainties.

The scale of the deal did, however, force the RIAA the US equivalent of the BPI to make significant tweaks to its gold and platinum awards programme, meaning Jay-Z will get a nice shiny sales disc to put in his downstairs toilet straight away rather than having to wait 30 days as per the old sales certification rules. This will now cover any digital album sales that previously had to wait a month to be qualified in order to allow for "returns" unsold, but shipped, stock — a throwback to the days when music was only available on physical formats.

Yet within this all is a burning contradiction. The 1m album downloads are disqualified from the chart for being "free" to the consumer, but they count towards spraypainted discs in presentation frames because someone in this case, Samsung paid for them. Given the pre-hype and marketing spend, the album will almost certainly go to No 1 anyway on "normal" sales, so Jay-Z should win whichever way you slice it. Beyond the cold, hard sales and revenue issues, this has revived, yet again, the debate about what it all means for investment in music and what the future of the album could be in an age of digital dislocation.

This is about one megabrand Jay-Z linking with another megabrand to create that most s of business terms — a "synergy". But the benefits for Samsung are potentially greater. Away from the boardroom cheers, it is not all wondrous news. For the fans, this is the diametric opposite of the Philips Red Book standard that, in the s, dictated all CDs had to play on all CD players.

Non-Samsung-owning fans are effectively being penalised for not having the right device and given the hard sell to upgrade, because this deal is really about atoning for the fact that Samsung's own Music Hub music service has failed to capture the public's imagination. Once you call up that number, the call centre executive will provide a PIN to you which you will need to key-in in your device.

Once you have done that our executive will have remote access to your phone and can help you resolve your queries. Smart Tutor application is currently available only on Samsung Android devices.

For Everything G-Unit, SMS Audio, and 50 Cent – G-Unit Brands, Inc.

How does one use the Service Centre Locator? All you need to do is enter the pin code of your area, our app will give you the address and contact details of the service centre located close to you. I tried using one of the offers but I could not, whom should I contact? Please check the offer detail section.

This section has the details of the number that you need to call to get it resolved.

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You can also write to us at my. After activating the new device, you must download My Galaxy and sign in again. It takes 2 days after the device activation for the offer to reflect on the app. If you still face any problem, you can write to us at my. Cashify What is Samsung Upgrade Program?

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  • Jay-Z's Samsung deal signals a musical future where the rich get richer.

Samsung Upgrade Program allows you to exchange your used Smartphone with new Samsung Smartphone for an exchange price. Can I just sell my used Smartphone without purchasing a new Samsung Smartphone?

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You must exchange your used Smartphone against a new Samsung Smartphone. Do I need any document for exchanging my used Smartphone? Yes, at the time of exchanging your used Samsung Smartphone please carry one of the following govt. To ensure that your Photo ID proof is not misused, you may simply cross it and write details of the Smartphone being sold against it.

How do I know exchange price of my used Smartphone? Please following the below steps to know the exchange price of your Smartphone. Go to My Galaxy which is pre-loaded on most Samsung Smartphones. You can also download it from Google Play Store. You will be required to register with My Galaxy with your mobile number. Basis your inputs My Galaxy will show you exchange price of your Smartphone.

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This Quote ID contains the evaluation summary of your Smartphone basis the inputs given by you and the exchange price of your Smartphone basis the evaluation summary. Each Quote ID is valid for 7 days only. After which you must use Re-quote option to generate new exchange price. The exchange price of used Smartphone drops as it gets older hence you may get lower exchange price when you re-quote.

Hence it is advised that as soon as you generate exchange price you exchange your Smartphone either through Samsung Retail Stores or Samsung Online Store.

How does Samsung Upgrade Program works? Offline Upgrade Program includes following steps: Evaluate your used Smartphone through My Galaxy to know its exchange price. On the evaluation page you can specify your location to see the list of nearby Samsung Retail Stores that you can visit to exchange your used Smartphone against new Samsung Smartphone. Also, carry your govt.

Select the new Samsung Smartphone that you want to purchase. Handover your used Smartphone, along with all accessories, to the Samsung Retailer and make the balance payment full price of the new Samsung Smartphone — exchange price of the used Smartphone for the new Samsung Smartphone.

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You will receive acknowledgement of your used Smartphone on your email id. Online Upgrade Program includes following steps: Evaluate your used Smartphone through My Galaxy to know its exchange price. Buy the new Samsung Smartphone by paying the full price. The new Samsung Smartphone will be delivered to you.

Within few days Cashify representative will visit your home, after taking prior appointment from you, to collect the used Smartphone and give exchange price as cashback. What if, during generating exchange price of my used Smartphone, I provide incorrect information about physical condition or accessories?

Under such circumstances, Samsung Retailer in case of offline upgrade journey or Cashify Representative in case of online upgrade journey will ask you to generate a fresh quote as per the actual condition of your used Smartphone. If you agree, then Samsung Retailer in case of offline upgrade journey or Cashify representative in case of online upgrade journey will pay you the re-quoted exchange price on the spot.

I have sensitive information stored in my Smartphone. How can I erase it? It is strongly advised that you should delete all data before handing over your Smartphone at the time of exchange. Please double check your Smartphone for any data before proceeding with exchange. Neither Samsung nor Cashify will be responsible for any kind of data available on used Samsung Smartphone.

What if my used Smartphone, that I exchanged under Upgrade Program, is used for illegal purposes? What do you do with used Smartphones? By doing so, not only reuse of used Smartphones is promoted but these are made economically available for many other users to buy high-value Smartphones. Which all cities are covered under Samsung Upgrade Program?

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  4. Listen to incredible music on the go as we partner with Gaana which brings you all the music you need together within the My Galaxy app What content languages do you have? Gaana provides more than 30 languages songs on Music. You can set any language of your choice from the ''Song language'' tab. What is Gaana Special? Gaana specials are exclusive music programs on Gaana. You can listen retro music to rock music with interesting information and stories about popular singers and the events.

    You can also listen to shows which narrates amazing stories and shows which will make you laugh out loud.

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    The complete Gaana special section can be found on the Music homepage. For more related questions please click here. My Galaxy Video section now contains curated ready to watch, latest and most popular videos from a variety of genres and categories. What type of videos are available in My Galaxy Videos Section? The video section of My Galaxy is powered by multiple partners where you will get full length movies, short videos, original web-episodes, trending videos, songs, trailers and much more. Yes, streaming movies or videos is free; however you may incur data charges, depending upon your data plan with your telecom operator or internet service provider.

    To view synopsis go to the video and click on the information icon next to the title of the video being played. What kind of videos are played on the landing page playlist?