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I guess you could get law enforcement involved if you wanted to really push it.

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The stores should honor it and be required to follow the laws. I was buying a small toy from toys r us in California a few years ago. I requested a manager and Everyone refused to let me have the sticker Price. Hi Ana. If they refuse then you can show them the law and even get law enforcement involved. What if there are no price tag, but when you price check the items, its a different price?

Do they have to honor it? They should honor the price that it rings up as, but sometimes they try and argue with you. They refused to sell me the non priced product at the tag price saying that the price bad code corresponded to other product. Any idea on what to do in those cases? In this case it would be really tricky to get them at that price. The tag needs to match the exact description of the product. Hey Jennifer.

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The description on the tag has to match the item from what I understand. The store I go to puts a sale sign over the stuff that is not on sale. Like homemade cookies on sale. They put the sign above the 12 pack of cookies but the sale is on the thirty pack of cookies. Your gift set….

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Even sweeter — no purchase is required to get this…. Now is a great time to get…. Last week Target announced that you can finally use Cartwheel offer discounts on your online purchases! That means you can place your order online and….

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More Online Deals. Coupons Coupons. More Coupons. All Store Deals. Read disclosure. Everyone I worked with was friendly and willing to help me out.

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Fun, easy. Easy place to work as a cashier or Sales associate. Can get boring at times when theres no work to do as you just stand around. Managers at the Kings Cross location are extremely kind and understanding. In general this job is pretty interesting at the beginning but after a while it is way more interesting to work on floor as you will be able to talk more to people. Positive work environment. Going to work was always nice because the staff were friendly and welcoming. Management was fair and well organized.

The employees deals were amazing with the additionally weekly coupons that were given out. Great place to work. Great place to work! Fantastic team of co-workers! Management was very helpful in getting you settled and confident in your new position. Very approachable with questions and ideas.

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Loved working there. Absolutley loved this company. Michaels was one of the best jobs I've ever had, management was very accommodating, hours were good, fun environment, amazing staff! Customers always appreciated us as well!

Friendly fun place to work and gain customer service skills. I had a fun experience learning and growing with everyonce that I got to work with. Gained great customer service and cashier skills as well as made good friends. Great Place to Work. Michaels Trainyards is generally speaking a lovely place to work.

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Awesome flexible scheduling, lots of employees work regular day jobs and then Michaels in the evening. Usually 4 hours shifts, so good for students and having two jobs. Shortest Job Ever!!!! Worked here for a grand total of 32 hours in the month I worked.

Was treated as if I knew nothing. Every time I asked for my managers help was given instructions on how to operate the till even though that wasn't what I needed help with. Was let go "because I didn't fit in". What does that even mean when you've hardly had time to adjust? I liked the customers and they liked me. No friendly banter between employees. Seven Great Offers to Choose From! Two Great Offers to Choose From!

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