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All children must have their own ticket and those 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Running time 2hr 20min inc. Content Recommended for ages 7 and above. Dated but good performers Great performance, really enjoyed it. Personal details from your social account: name telephone number if available email address profile picture No other personal data will be requested. Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Google.

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With our huge range of cheap tickets for plays on in London, a visit to the West End has never been better value. Discounted group rates are available for parties of 10 or more people. To enquire, complete our group booking form and one of our specialist team will be in touch. Running time 2hrs 19mins. Please note that the theatre are no longer accepting bags into the theatre cloakrooms.

Agatha Christie herself thought it would be bumped off within eight months. What really puts this in context is when you realise that Churchill was still in power when it first opened. The answer is because the producers are adamant that the mystery should be preserved for future theatregoers.

One cast member even entered the Guinness book of records after racking up 4, performances. More impressively still, one original 'cast member' survives to this day: the recorded voice of Deryck Guyler on the radio bulletin that plays each night. Reviewed on 24 March by Paula , Toronto , Canada. A good old fashioned who done it. Very entertaining and enjoyable.

Kept me guessing to the end. Disapppointed to find theatre doors do not open for pre theatre drinks. Significant numbers of visitorsto the show in then crowded coffee shop opposite on a rainy cold night. The theatre was very atmospheric. The show was brilliant. Even if you thought you had worked out who did it the villain was a complete surprise.

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Would recommend it to anyone. Reviewed on 08 March by Patrick , Dublin 5 , Ireland. Would definiely recommend for any Agatha Christie fan. Very enjoyable and a classic twist ending! Brilliant plot kept me guessing from beginning to end as to who dunnit. If you like loud fast moving theatre then this is not for you. Takes you back to a different era, the actors were all so professional and polished.

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Everyone should see this at least once the cast were absolutely well cast and fabulous. Good story , acting was brilliant. The only downside was our seats as they were close to the door that led down to the street. As we were there in February it was freezing cold. We all had to sit with our coats on through the whole performance.

An easy watch, very entertaining, great story with drama and humour, professional actors.

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Great cast, set and atmosphere. We loved every minute of it! Brilliant stuff!!! Great show. Really recommend seeing this play! We sat in the upper circle, floors were a bit uneven and the seats were a bit hard, just take a scarf to sit on.

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Perfect view and could hear everything perfectly. Reviewed on 28 January by Jeff , Amsterdam , Netherlands. Avid theater goers cannot miss timeless classic. Become a member of the exclusive club of those who know whodunnit Very static Good performance tho Great to see Agatha Christie on the stage, rather than over dramatic films or TV. Upper Circle is quite high but everything is clear and we had good visuals and audio from very back row. My kids are 17,14 and 13 and loved the experience. The show, which we've seen 4 times, is wonderful.

The acting superb. The only negative I have is it is way too hot in the theatre. It was uncomfortable. Reviewed on 03 December by Jeannette , Foxrock , Ireland. Reviewed on 01 December by Kathleen , Langley , Canada.

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Brilliant show. Air conditioning was very cold blowing straight on our seats very back dress circle. Although lovely the theatre was too hot and so it uncomfortable to sit through the performance. Excellently acted but there wasn't a great sense of suspense or surprise. Mildly disappointed with the experience. Reviewed on 16 November by Sabine , Assen , Netherlands. There would be very few theatre goers who have not heard of Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap and that it has run continuously in the West End for 65 years. It was probably the latter factor that led me to purchase two tickets for the production when on holiday in London recently - I mean a play has to be a winner to run for more than six decades doesn't it?.

Unfortunately, the more recent of those years have not been kind to The Mousetrap. The script is terribly dated, the acting by and large is mediocre and often uneven and the only way to describe the set is drab, tired and unimaginative. As the actors took their curtain call, I couldn't help thinking that the central question of the night was not so much a case of "who dunnit" but how had this piece of theatrical fluff continued to suck audiences in for 65 years.

For my money, it was 'a 'mouse inextricably trapped in the past' and as such, a very disappointing night in the theatre. Reviewed on 12 November by Michael , Victoria , Australia. This show must be on everyone's bucket list! It is very entertaining and unites the audience in becoming part of the mystery that is The Mousetrap. I am so pleased we went!

The play is very exciting! I will be glad to see this play one more time when I am again in London Highly recommend this play for foreigners who want to plunge into the wonderful world of London theatre! You can understand everything, language is perfect, clear. Reviewed on 11 October by Yelyzaveta , Kiev , Ukraine. Reviewed on 05 October by Gilles , Canach , Luxembourg. The show has been on for 66 years; probably a record that won't be broken. Although I enjoyed it, I found the storyline contrived and rather dated. The character change of the killer, towards the end, wasn't convincing.

Reviewed on 11 September by Debra , Thornton , Australia. The story is of course gereat and keeps the audience focused till the end. A masterpiece! Acting was dedecated. The show was great, but being in the Upper Circle, there does not seem to be enough speakers, as at a few points in the show, it was hard to hear the actors. Also, the seats in the Upper Circle are very sore for your back!! Reviewed on 25 August by Ece , Istanbul , Turkey.