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That includes beaks, eyes, organs, blood, and feet. Pet owners remain divided on dried beet pulp. As you can see from the first five ingredients, Iams is not an outstanding dog food brand. That being said, they do have a product line called Premium Protection. Any dog food with a by-product as the first ingredient, followed with three different fillers, is definitely not premium. The funny thing is that the further down the list, the better the ingredients seem to get. Iams dog food can be found pretty much anywhere. Big-box stores like Walmart , chain grocery stores, large pet supply stores, independent pet stores, and even pet food websites carry Iams dog food.

For over 18 years I have been feeding Iams dry dog food. Proactive health age to all my dogs. Italian greyhounds; Australian shepherd; German shepherd; Bone mouth sharpie; mixed breeds and Siberian huskies Anatolian shepherd. None of my pets have suffered any side effects from the food. All are perfect weight, coats are in excellent condition and energy level is ideal.

All my dogs have been raised on free feed. I have so much confidence in the products that when we started getting cats I continued to purchase Iams as my preferred cat food. I feed 5 cats the digestive formula. When Blue buffalo was the rage I tried it on my dogs. It was a huge waste of money they hatted it. From large farm animals to working dogs.

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The proof of the quality to me is how my animals look and the vet reports I get that they are very healthy and have a long life span. I just bought a bag of Turkey and Barley Healthy Weight Iams dog food ,and my dog had only eaten about a fourth of a cup full which was enough to almost kill her. After she ate the first few pieces I gave her on Sunday, February the 8th she committed, then on Tuesday, February 10th she lost all mobility, was breathing hard, and wad unresponsive for about 25 minutes.

We have tried several types of dry dog food for our Cavalier King Charles, the latest being Iams proactive. He is having bowel problems, have to let him out three times a night. During the day I watch him trying to do a 2, walking In circles, not accomplishing much. Sometimes he will not eat.

We buy chicken breast and legs, not expired food, from our local grocery store to cook and mix with the dry food. After looking at the ingredients in Iams: corn meal, dried beet pulp, chicken by products, these items are GMO products and are contaminated with Roundup Glyphosate. That may be causing our problem, plus the dangers of high levels of aflatoxin and possible salmonella. So, we are still looking for a safe dry dog food. I bought IAMS four weeks ago because I believed it to be a good wholesome food for my 6 year old cockapoo.

Two weeks in he had mucus slimy diarrhoea and sickness so I took him to the vet. She diagnosed colitis and asked if I had changed my dog food.

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I told her I had and she said it could be this. He was treated with medication but the diarrhoea continued making him low, and then he started to have an allergy on his back paw which also needed treating. I read the reviews and was appalled that dogs had had the same as my dog and some had even died. I think this is appalling. My dog was in good health before this food and I hope that it has not caused any permanent damage.

I will never use it again. It has cost me dear. My basset hound became violently ill this weekend and upon inspecting our IAMS dog food, we found a generous amount of mold. The food was purchased 14 days ago at Walmart, and has been stored dry and free of moisture since. Terrible diarrhea, moaning and groaning as if in pain, and lethargic and unsociable for the entire weekend.

Took him off of it immediately and am giving medication provided by the vet. These product lines include an assortment of pates, shredded meats in sauce, meat chunks in gravy, and more. In addition to their traditional cat food products, Iams also offers a line of Veterinary Formulas which are available by prescription.

The products in this line are specially formulated to address specific medical or dietary needs. There are recipes for diabetic cats and limited mobility cats as well as cats that suffer from renal problems, urinary issues, and various digestive problems.

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According to the Iams website, this Iams Adult Original with Chicken cat food formula is designed to promote optimal health in adult indoor cats. The website states that this recipe is formulated with high-quality protein to support lean muscle mass as well as 7 essential nutrients for heart health.

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This indoor cat formula contains a number of dietary fibers to help support healthy digestion as well as antioxidants for immune system health. Based on these claims, this recipe would appear to offer high-quality, balanced nutrition for adult cats. An in-depth review of the ingredients list, however, reveals several red flags that bring the quality of this product into question.

The first ingredient on the list for this Iams Adult Original with Chicken cat food formula is chicken — this ingredient suggest that the recipe is indeed high in protein. The problem here is that the quality of chicken by-product meal is difficult to judge because it varies greatly from one batch to another. It would be much better to see chicken meal listed instead, especially if it were the first ingredient. The third ingredient in this recipe is corn meal which is followed by brewers rice and dried beet pulp.

Corn meal is simply ground corn which is not inherently a dangerous ingredient. The problem is that corn, wheat and soy ingredients are difficult for cats to digest and they offer very limited nutritional value — they are also likely to trigger food allergies or sensitivities in cats.

Brewers rice is a processed form of rice and it consists of the small milled fragments that have been separated from the larger kernels of white or brown rice. This ingredient is also low in nutritional value, primarily used as a source of dietary fiber.

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Dried beet pulp is another source of dietary fiber in this recipe. After these ingredients comes natural flavor, poultry by-product meal, dried egg product, and brewers dried yeast. Poultry by-product meal is very similar to chicken by-product meal except it is not known from what sources the meat comes since it is not named. It is also very difficult to judge the quality of this product. Dried egg product is a decent ingredient and a source of supplemental protein. Many of the remaining ingredients are vitamins and mineral supplements, though there is also some fish oil and chicken fat.

These are both valuable sources of animal-based fats but it is somewhat troubling to see them appear so far down the ingredients list — they may not be used in any significant quantity in this recipe. Overall, this Iams Adult Original with Chicken cat food formula has a guaranteed analysis as follows:. A review of the guaranteed analysis for this Iams Adult Original with Chicken cat food formula reveals a decent protein content as well as acceptable levels of fat.

Based on the guaranteed analysis alone, this product would appear to offer good nutritional balance and value. This formula meets the AAFCO nutritional requirements for cats in the maintenance stage — it is not intended to be used as a staple diet for kittens. If your cat gains too much weight you may need to scale back his portions. If he loses weight or becomes lethargic, you may need to increase his daily portion a little bit. The guaranteed analysis reveals decent levels of protein and fat with low levels of crude fiber which is very beneficial. The fact that the ingredients list starts off with two protein sources is very good as well, although one of them is a by-product meal.

After these two ingredients, however, things start to go downhill a little bit with the inclusion of corn meal, brewers rice, and poultry by-product meal. It is worth noting that while this recipe is supplemented with vitamins and minerals, it would be better if some of them came from natural sources like fresh fruits and vegetables or, at least, chelated minerals. This recipe would also benefit from the inclusion of some probiotics to help support healthy digestion. Overall, this Iams Adult Original with Chicken cat food formula seems to provide moderate nutritional value for adult cats.

Kate Barrington is a freelance writer specializing in the subject of pet health and wellness. An avid dog lover and adoring owner of three cats, Kate has a great deal of experience writing about all kinds of pets and all aspects of pet care. Her work has been featured on a number of pet websites and she is a regular columnist for Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine.

Very dissappointed right now just bought a 7 pound bag of cat food and it is half full of just food dust.

Pet Department

Probly where has been moved around so much but still when the food is all broke up like it is in the bag i got its just carelessness and i am very disturbed by this. Why did you change the shape of your kitten dry food? My poor 7 year old cat is only 5 pounds with serious teeth issues and can only eat you original food due to its special Y shape. She old get ahold of the 3 corners but the middle was too small for her. Your new shape is too small for her to grab. As she does not like soft food I have now been forced to try different brands to come up with a shape she can eat that does not upset her stomach.

I always buy the sensitive food. The last two bags the food was dark in color. My one cat seems to get an upset stomach after eating.